Communities Organizing for Better Water
Our Project
Communities Organizing for Better Water is a project of Orange County Environmental Justice. Our project aims to highlight issues of water quality and accessibility in Orange County. We are using PhotoVoice methods to show the perspective of community members regarding water quality around them.
August 2019-November 2019
Getting Involved 
OCEJ is using PhotoVoice as a means to showcase the experiences of those in disadvantaged communities concerning water quality. It is a way for members of our community to get involved and make their voice heard through the use of images.
Join our project and become an advocate for your community by contacting our Community Organizer, Keila Villegas at Know someone who may interested ? Feel free share this Flyer or our website information; everyone is welcome to participate. 

Bringing the fight for environmental justice to Orange County through advocacy, public accountability, healing, and systemic transformation

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