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Join the Fight for Environmental Justice 

Orange County Environmental Justice strives to be a member-led organization, meaning that members have a significant role in shaping the organization's activities and possess the power to make collective decisions that steer key parts of the organization.


As an institution, OCEJ aims to build a relationship with our community that activates the power within each of us to fight for justice by integrating healing and transformative practices into our organizing while also serving as a vehicle to take action at a local level and create social and political change. OCEJ members are pretty great!

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Keila Villegas, OCEJ Community Organizer at

Membership Process


Register for an orientation, usually held 30 mins before our Monthly Membership Meeting to learn about OCEJ mission, vision, & values or upcoming events

Membership Meeting

After an orientation, attend one of our Monthly Membership Meetings to see if OCEJ values/practices align with your own

1-1 Check In

After attending an orientation and a Membership Meeting, next step is to schedule a 1-1 Meeting with our Community Organizer, Keila Villegas. We strive to see if OCEJ is the right fit for you.

Please feel free to email her at 

Membership Fees

After a 1-1 with our Community Organizer, we will be delighted to discuss our final step in our recruitment process which is our membership fee of a $25 donation or 2 hours of volunteer service.

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